Does My Child Really Need a Dentist?

Does your child really need a dentist? The answer is “absolutely” and in fact, pediatric dental care is just as vital or even more essential than adult dentistry. 

Children who have early oral health problems, like cavities, are at high risk for poor oral health as adults. But, regular dental care can protect your child’s oral and overall health while reducing their long-term risk of serious dental disease.

At Kids Dental Center, our esteemed pediatric dentist Dr. Bosede Adeniji and dedicated pediatric dentistry specialists provide several types of dental care for kids in the Greenbelt, Maryland, area, including vital routine care like: 

Teeth cleanings 

More than 40% of kids have tooth decay today. This happens when bacteria inside the mouth absorb sugar and transform it into acid. The acid damages teeth, eventually creating cavities. 

Regular teeth cleanings remove harmful bacteria, so they’re an essential part of preventing cavities. 

While daily routine brushing and flossing plays a big role in removing plaque (sticky film on and between teeth), plaque hardens over time to create tartar. It often hides in the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with regular brushing and flossing.

Because tartar is rock-hard, your child needs teeth cleanings to remove it. Tartar can lead to gum irritation, bad breath, tooth decay, gum recession, and other serious oral health problems, but professional teeth cleaning every six months helps your child avoid all those problems. 

Dental exams

Dental exams are extremely important for kids because they evaluate your child’s tooth and jaw development in detail. We take the time to look at your child’s mouth very closely, including detailed X-rays, to make sure they’re developing normally. 

Dental exams also include education: We teach your child about brushing, flossing, and good eating habits. If your child needs dental treatment, for example, a cavity filling, we can schedule the treatment right away and help your child prevent new ones from happening. 

For example, we may recommend sealants, which provide a thin barrier to prevent tooth decay, when your child’s molars appear. 

Orthodontic evaluations

Dental care also allows for early spotting and treatment of orthodontic (teeth alignment) problems. In fact, in last month’s blog we talked about how the American Orthodontic Association recommends routine orthodontic assessments at about age 7.

Or, if your child has problems like difficulty chewing, losing their baby teeth too early, losing their baby teeth too late, or jaw clicking, they need an orthodontic evaluation before age 7. 

This evaluation allows our pediatric dentistry professionals to identify problems years before they actually cause severe problems, as the baby teeth can predict how the adult teeth will emerge. 

By starting orthodontic care early, we’re better able to shift your child’s teeth than we would be after they’re finished growing.    

We’re here to provide full-spectrum dental care for your child, so don’t hesitate to phone our office or contact us online now.

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